4 Oct, 19:30 – Opening
7 Oct, 19:00 – Music concert by Musikirama

9 Oct, 18:00 – Short Films, collection from the Balkans Beyond Borders Festival

17 Oct, 20:00 – Short Films screenings by and about refugees
20 Oct, 17:00 – Book presentation by Stefanos Ganotis

23 Oct, 20:00 – Short Films, collection from the Balkans Beyond Borders Festival

24 Oct, 20:30 – Poetry night

International Conference: Prospects and Challenges from the Migrant Crisis – 25th and 26th of October, 2018

The international conference will host panel discussions with citizens, policy makers, representatives of migrants’ communities, communities and other stakeholders on effective policies for the integration of migrants in host societies.

If you want to contribute to the shaping of the Conference’s content;

If you want to make sure that it will include topics you are interested in hearing;

If you want to suggest speakers that have something important to say on this matter;

then please take a few minutes to participate in the following survey.

This survey is the first step of a structured dialogue on migration that brings citizens’ inputs, ideas and concerns on to the policy level.

Your contribution is valuable!

International Exhibition in Athens, Greece

Items collected through the trip of Outcast Europe will be exhibited in Athens, Greece

25 and 26th of October, 2018, in Mpagkeion Hotel, Omonoia Sq. 18, Athens.