89 Pathways of Migration

Personal stories, pure emotions and humanism cannot be restrained by borders and fences. Wherever we go in this wide world, we invariably bring with us objects of more special value – a mark of the pathway we’ve walked hitherto. The jewel your grandma gave you before you left; the dusty diary from your first days abroad; the family photo in front of the symbol of the city where your parents visit you on every single birthday. The pathways of migration have many different faces, but there are also similarities in the peaks and the obstacles facing all those who are away from their homeland.

89 Pathways of Migration is a special exhibition whose main author will be Bulgarians who have emigrated following the democratic changes in 1989. Our compatriots abroad represent an inseparable part of the Bulgarian people and the biggest investor in the national economy. They are the artists who we address with a plea to send us objects reflecting their emigrant life – emotions, experiences and cultural peculiarities of the life abroad. Each of the objects should be accompanied by a brief story of the item and its owner. Looking at migration through the personal prism of its main actors, we will explore the various nuances of this natural process where nothing could be simply black or white.


The exhibition “89 Pathways of Migration” will open on the 11th of June 2018, and will stay open to the public until the 20th of June 2018.

Here you can find the exhibition’s facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/236502670228906/