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I left Sudan approximately one year ago, I travelled to Saudi Arabia, then Germany for 10 days, then France where I stayed 12 days in Calais and then UK. I wear this cloth in every celebration, also on Friday when I pray. When I wear it, it is easier for me to remember, it all comes back. My country, my family, my wife. Everyday my wife would tell me “Ali wake up, you need to pray, your cloth is ready”. I’m really sad about what is happening in Sudan. The situation is terrible, very bad. Just three days ago, hundreds of people died. The road to here is not easy. When my friend Nasor went to one of the facilities in France, he came out a week later like a dead person. I couldn’t recognise him.

I like Hastings. It is very quiet and I like the sea. People here are friendly. In the morning I wake up and everyone is very helpful and welcoming and supportive. I want to study. I want to improve my language and I want to study cybersecurity.  

– Ali


Creator of object:
Place / Country of creation:
Year / Era of creation:
Type / Description of object:
Traditional Sudanese Adjelebija
Object route:
Sudan – Saudi Arabia – Germany – France (Calais) – United Kingdom (Hastings)
Year / Era of movement:
2022 – 2023
Reason of movement:
2021 Sudan coup d’état
License of digital image:

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