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Nadia left Morocco in 1991.

I have been told that these are over 100 years old. They are made in Morocco and worn by men and women, and they are called “babouche”. These specific ones are from Menges, embroidered. I still wear them today, at celebrations, or when I take a walk at the square, or when I go to friends’ houses for coffee.

She explains to us that in 1991 her brother came to Greece to run the Marathon and Nadia, along with the rest of her family, came to see him. Finally, he decided to stay and find a job here.

Then I got married. I stayed because of love, that is, I had two children, a boy and a girl. My son works with his dad, he is a merchant. My daughter is a flight attendant. I still go to Morocco: my brothers are there, my aunts and uncles, everyone. At first I regretted staying here, but now whenever I go to Morocco I look forward to coming back. There are fewer people there now, since both my mum and my dad have passed away.

Nadia explains that when she first came to Greece, she mainly looked after young children.

I was taken in by a lady who saw that I loved children and I ended up staying with her for five years. One of the girls is now almost 30 years old, she also got married. Now I have a small shop with my husband, in Egaleo, selling lingerie. In general I have no problem with anyone, everyone has always treated me like one of their own.


Creator of object:
Place / Country of creation:
Morocco (Menges)
Year / Era of creation:
Type / Description of object:
Babouche shoes
Object route:
Morocco – Greece
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Reason of movement:
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