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My name is Fabrizio Macor. I was born and raised in Venezuela where I started being politically active. At some point, I became very doubtful that something coming from the army, like the Chavez regime, could be good for the people. So, shortly after this new government came to power and started to see the signs of militarism, I thought I had to leave; just for a while. Unfortunately, when I arrived in Europe people wanted to hear another story; not mine. All Europeans thought they knew better than us what is going on in our continent and our reality. I just had to face this reality, first in Spain – I was also “Sudak”, my Venezuelan accent makes it very obvious that I am from South America, so it wasn’t “normal” Spanish – and then in the UK and Palermo. After changing countries and continents, struggling to remain true to what I thought was right and getting in all kinds of trouble, the only thing that remained from my old life in Venezuela was my views and memories; and the stories… that no one wanted to hear. Those I tried to fit in my book “Raccolta di racconti”.

– Fabrizio


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Italy (Palermo)
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Book (short stories collection)
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Italy (Palermo)
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