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Even if a refugee does not manage to get anything of their belongings from their home, they will find something in the place where they end up, something that they will look at and make the connection to their home. These items I didn’t carry with me when we fled Sudan. But, I asked people to send them to me in Lebanon where we stayed for 16 years. This exact equipment you cannot find anywhere else. They won’t be the same. I would roast the beans in the pan, then grind them in the grinder, boil it in the can and then serve it through the chuckle. The wooden stick is different, it is for processing and grinding any kind of food. Little by little, working the food it becomes the texture you want. You can also make sweets with it, you mix semolina, with milk or tahini and you make traditional sweets.

In these 16 years in Lebanon it was a waiting time, just waiting to go back to Sudan hoping things would improve. But things never got better. My children started growing up and started being exposed to racist behaviours. For me it was ok, I could take it but for my children I wanted a good future. So, I said I want a better life for them so I made what was necessary to leave”. 

From Lebanon we came straight to the UK and Hastings. Four years ago. It has been amazing. We met Rossana and The Refugee Buddy Project. The most important thing is that my children are doing well. My daughter, Fatima, has finished university and my other children go to school, they get good grades. It has been amazing.

– Khadiga


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Place / Country of creation:
Year / Era of creation:
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Coffee and sweets utensils (coffee machine, pan, grinder, wooden sticks)
Object route:
Sudan – Lebanon – United Kingdom (Hastings)
Year / Era of movement:
Late 2000s – 2019
Reason of movement:
Political refugee
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