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“Iran has a lot of poets and Saadi Shirazi is very famous. He is very important for the Iranians, he talks about life and politics and this book serves as a life guide. Each story in this book is between one paragraph and one page long.

“I am from Iran. I came here because the politics are not good there. My wife and I wanted to begin a new life elsewhere. We left in 2015, nine years ago. We lived in Turkey for eight years and after that we moved to Greece. I’ve gone back many times, but only for visits.

“The book was a gift. My boss gave it to me 20 years ago. I used to work in the public sector, in urban planning and design. I worked in that field for 20 years.”

– Hamid


Creator of object:
Saadi Shirazi
Place / Country of creation:
Persia (present-day Iran)
Year / Era of creation:
Type / Description of object:
Collection of poems by Saadi Shirazi
Object route:
Iran – Turkey – Greece (Piraeus)
Year / Era of movement:
2015 – 2023
Reason of movement:
Political migrant
License of digital image:


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