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Cecilia arrived in Greece, along with her family, in 2020, from Egypt’s Alexandria.

I am 10 years old, but I’m in third grade. It’s a long story. When I first came here, I learned Greek within two months, I had many friends, because I was new and everyone was approaching me. Then, in second grade of elementary school, I would fight with two friends of mine that didn’t want me at all, but now I’ve found a new student that I’m really good friends with. The teachers helped a lot as well.

What I’ve brought is an Egyptian Gospel written in Arabic, English and Egyptian and because I carried it from one country to the other, it’s a bit worn out, but I still like it and read it and it’s amazing. Here it has the Old Testament in Arabic and here there are old stories, old stuff. I’ve learned these stories by heart, I don’t know how to read, but my sister who knows how to read has narrated them to me. It’s really nice. I will learn to read Arabic but not yet.

Now we found this Arab church in Menidi, which is, of course, not exactly like the one in Egypt. We have many friends there.


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Egypt (Alexandria)
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Egyptian Gospel
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Egypt (Alexandria) – Greece (Tavros)
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