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This is a wooden frame, handmade from the communist era in Albania. Ever since I was a child, this wooden frame, as well as other wooden frames or jewelry boxes, have been around at home. Although I did not know their meaning back then, now I understand their spiritual value.

My grandmother has worked for more than 30 years in a factory with different chains of workshops to create handmade products, decorative or essential that were never sold in communist Albania.

Many artisans with different specialisations did different jobs to release a final product.

My grandmother always told us stories related to the many friends she made at work and the diverse experiences women would go through, with volunteering work and determined work.

I now have this good memory of the home I grew up at, something I can daily see. I remember the past so I can do my best not to replicate it in the future.

This wooden frame came to Tirana with me as I moved from my hometown, Shkodra, for a new experience.


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Wooden frame
Object route:
Shkodra – Tirana
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