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Χάρτης της Πράγας


Both of my brothers have emigrated when I was a child. Miloš was a passionate airplane model builder and in 1962, thanks to his knowledge of air traffic, he managed to slip into an airplane that headed to Canada. In 1969, Tomáš fled to England after being expelled from medical school. In 1988, I managed to escape to Canada. My parents did not live anymore and I was the last one from the wider family who was still here. An escape was an opportunity for me to live close to my brothers. I was granted a permit to travel as a tourist to Austria and once there, I applied for political asylum. It took over a year until Canada agreed to transfer me from Austria. During this time, I stayed in refugee camp in Treiskirchen.

Jiří Navrátil


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Jiří Navrátil | Organisation for Aid to Refugees
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Map of Prague
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Czechoslovakia – Austria – Canada – Czechia
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1988 (date of transfer)
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