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I am Lamin Drammeh, I was born in the Gambia and I have been living in Palermo since 2016. My item is a necklace in the shape of an African map. Normally, it is used by the Baye Fall. Baye Fall is a group of people that have Khalifats, and they always celebrate their past. This is made by them. It is significant to me because, first, you say Africa, for me, it’s home, and second, it’s unity. I wear it, so people know that ok, even though I’m here, this is my bond.

The person who gave me this bought it from Senegal. He is the brother of a close friend. He came to visit me at home, and we spoke about many things. He had this on his neck and he said, boy, it was a pleasure to finally meet you and today the only thing I can give you from my heart now is this; and he took it off and he gave it to me. His brother used to live here, in Palermo. The time I came here, I told him, your brother gave me this! He gave it to me when we were in Gambia. 

I came to Palermo because my camp was here. Then, I started going to school and met people who were very helpful to me. I started doing many events and people got to know me more in this city. People are more open here and I thought maybe, for the first time, I’m gonna stay here for a while.

I came alone, I left the Gambia when I was 15 years old.

When you have courage and you believe in yourself, you do it.

– Lamin


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Wooden necklace with map of Africa
Object route:
Senegal – Gambia – Italy (Palermo)
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