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This necklace was given to my godmother by my godfather on their first wedding anniversary. Through my godfather it reached me, as, when my godmother was already gone, my godfather was looking for something to give me and he gave me this. It’s their first, let’s say, memento from their wedding and their first anniversary… ever since then, I wear it around my neck.

Ioanna explains that this necklace, which has belonged to her for the past 20 years, means a lot to her. She narrates that her godparents were like parents to her and, in reality, it’s as if it was given to her by her father. It reminds her of her godfather, whom she lost 10 years ago, and who walked her down the aisle at her wedding since her father had already passed away by then.

We were like one, there was no difference between our parents and our godparents, we had a very tight bond.

The necklace, Ioanna assumes, must have come from abroad, as her godfather used to travel a lot because of his work at a travel agency.

[If I don’t wear it] I feel as if something is missing from me, it is a piece of myself, it’s like wearing a cross, let’s say. Someone might wear a cross, I wear this.


Creator of object:
Place / Country of creation:
Somewhere outside of Greece
Year / Era of creation:
Ioanna Tsokari
Type / Description of object:
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Year / Era of movement:
2000 – present
Reason of movement:
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