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I left China seven years ago, because I got my retirement and I wanted to go to Australia. Then, I ended up leaving Australia and travelling to Europe. I got a house in Greece and I told my son to come visit me. I like it here, I like the weather, the islands, everything is good, and I also found a ping-pong team, so I can practise my body. In China, it’s always about money, that’s what people always think about. And everything is about work, when I was there, all I did was work.

Rose explains that she was playing ping-pong in high school, but then stopped because of university and because she started a family and didn’t have the time, but started playing again once she went to Australia and has been practising daily ever since.

Sometimes I visit China, but I only stay there for a few days. Last time I went was before Covid, though. I go there because my son’s family is there.

She explains that these rackets were a gift sent to her by a friend from China, after she moved to Greece.

Rose is an English name. In Australia you have to have an English name, so I chose Rose, because I had many roses in my garden there. My Chinese name is Zhang Zhihua.


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China & Germany
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Zhang Zhihua
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China/ Germany – Greece (Tavros)
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