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The rosary is used in my religion during prayer but also afterwards. It’s an object that has lived what I have lived, so it is a companion with whom we have shared certain difficulties, but also beautiful moments. At the end, we made it together. It is an object that I brought from my country, from Gambia. A friend gave it to me, before I knew I had to leave. The ‘two of us’ travelled from Senegal to Italy taking a road full of difficulties, torture, and suffering. I lost everything I had with me, but this one has always remained with me. I cared so much about this object, and he cared about me. He didn’t want to disappear.

In my life today, this rosary reminds me how lucky I am to have it and how strong I am for what I have overcome. It reminds me of my past that I don’t want to forget even though it was bad. I would like people to understand this motto: not all evils come to harm. If it’s possible to imagine how difficult the journey is that we have made but despite the difficulties we are together and we are connected.

This is between me and my rosary but this bond can be between me and another person. The real bonds survive difficulty, you face the difficulty together and overcome it together. And that’s what happened to me…

– Malick


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Gambia – Senegal – Italy (Palermo)
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