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Zoi shows us a painting she did and told us about her trip from Albania to Greece and her life in Piraeus.

I am Albanian. I have been here for many years: I came when I was 19 and got married to a Greek man, but we don’t get along very well. We live together but not at the same time – I never see him. I work at a bakery.

The first time I came to Greece, I came through the mountains, and then the next time I came  with my visa, I started working here and that’s how my life started. I came with my ex, who died in a car crash on the day we were supposed to get married, and then I stayed here by myself. I was alone and then, at some point, I got married. I live in Agios Dimitrios, in Piraeus. Greece is nice, but now, the way things are, people are really difficult and strange. As for my siblings, one of them is in Paris married to a French guy, my brother is in Sweden, another one is in Albania, and the last one is also in Albania with his kids.

I came in 2004, or around that time, with my ex. I was working, but he had money, so he told me to stop going to work because we didn’t need the money. But I wanted to work – I can’t do without it. I’ve learned that from my family and I can’t relax no matter how much you force me to.

Then we went to Albania to get married; we didn’t get along but then I got stuck here. I loved Greece and I decided I’ll die here. 

I like taking classes because I want to learn how to read. My parents were poor: we didn’t have money to go to school and stuff. So I decided that since I never finished school in Albania, I should do something here, and not wash dishes for the rest of my life. I can’t do this. I’ve burnt my hands from washing dishes.

I’ve been back to Albania many times but I don’t like it. I go to see my siblings and for holidays.


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