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When I left Nigeria, I did not decide to take the ring and the trousers to remind me of home. They acquired this value after the journey because they were the only things left to me. When I left, I had no idea what the journey would be like. I thought, you know, I will go to Naples or Palermo and will be able to start a normal life. But, it wasn’t like this. I lost everything. All my staff, my phone and equipment that I had in my backpack. Even my jacket and shoes. I was left with just the trousers. 

My uncle gave me the ring with a wish from him to be safe. It is an ancients’ ring. They are very special. If you want to have these rings you have to go to the villages, make some spiritual prayers and they are placed in the ring or any other personal item you bring. I have been with this uncle, helping him with different things for the whole of my life. Approximately one year before I left he called me to go to him. He prayed for me with the ring with deep prayers and gave it to me. It is almost sacred, this one. By god’s grace, it will protect me. 

– Umar


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Ring and black jean trousers
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Nigeria – Palermo
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