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This one has a life of 60 years,

Periklis narrates, showing us the typographic ruler. He explains that his actual profession is typography and that every part of the typographer’s work is dependent on this ruler; if this item didn’t exist, nothing would happen. He shows us the inches, the centimetres, the squares and describes how this tool is used so that the typographer can print a book, a newspaper, a prospectus. This, he explains, is bought by the typographers. He tells us that these don’t exist anymore, because in print shops everything is digital now; he’s talking about “classic” print shops.

I took it in my hands 50 years ago […] I keep it as a memento to remind me of my work, my family, because it’s part of my family. I stopped working approximately seven years ago. The first print shop opened […] in ’66. I had been working there because of my father, when I was still a kid. I truly miss work. If I could find this work now, I would do it.

He shows us the lines of the ruler, on both sides, and says that it looks dirty because it’s used.

My father died and then I couldn’t keep the shop, because of financial hardships. The print shop was in Pagrati, the very first print shop. I have a very close relationship with the item, I still have it in my heart, I took it in my hands 50 years ago and I hope someday I can use it again.


Creator of object:
Place / Country of creation:
Year / Era of creation:
Periklis Papadopoulos
Type / Description of object:
Typography ruler
Object route:
Year / Era of movement:
1970 – παρόν
Reason of movement:
License of digital image:


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