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I got this from Bible study in Egypt, I made it when I was younger. It tells us that when we drink from God, we don’t need other people to drink from. In the old times, Egyptians would drink from this because we didn’t have glasses, so they’d put the water here. The holes are so that it gets cold. I was 12 when I drew it, now I’m 18. 

Ioanna explains that she arrived in Greece, from Egypt, with her family, in 2020. 

My dad really loves Greece. We’re from Alexandria, but we didn’t really love her. Now we live in Tavros. I was born in Greece, my sister, Cecilia, was born in Alexandria, but I went back very young and we went to school there. Our dad works with airplanes.

When I came here, I went to school without knowing the language at all, I didn’t understand anything. I remember going home and saying that I love the people there and I love the school itself but I can’t understand them. Before coming here I hadn’t imagined it would be like that, I was thinking that it’s just a language and that I’ll just learn it. But it was really difficult. I was in third grade of middle school when I came here.

She continues by talking about Bible study. 

They talk to us about God a lot. It’s different for each class. In elementary school they tell you stories, in middle school they try to tackle teenagers’ problems and in high school they talk to us about bigger things. In university, they tell us how to transmit what we have learned.


Creator of object:
Place / Country of creation:
Egypt (Alexandria)
Year / Era of creation:
Type / Description of object:
Vase for water
Object route:
Egypt (Alexandria) – Greece (Tavros)
Year / Era of movement:
Reason of movement:
License of digital image:

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