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In 2003 we left Zimbabwe with my young family. I thought of taking a souvenir that could constantly remind me of my country of birth. I could not think of anything that would be easy to carry with me around. Initially, I wanted to take some local artifacts that I could mount up on a wall or display. The idea of an artifact was not appealing as I wanted something that I could lay my eyes on almost regularly. I decided to have a note/bill of the national currency that I could keep in my wallet as a reminder of my roots. Thus, I took a $10 note, which I have carried around for 18 years. Trust me,  it was crispy new with no folds or tears, but now it bears testimony that it is doing its job of giving me a constant reminder of my beloved country of Zimbabwe.  The desire for a souvenir was partly inspired by a verse in the bible from the book of Psalms 137:5 and 6  – (in brackets my substitution)

5 If I forget you, Jerusalem (Zimbabwe),
   may my right hand forget its skill.
 6 May my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth
    if I do not remember you,
    if I do not consider Jerusalem (Zimbabwe)
    my highest joy.

However, for those who are not familiar with the ongoings in Zimbabwe, this $10 bill was overtaken by inflation and is no longer in circulation.

Hedwig Bvumburah


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The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
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Hedwig Bvumburah
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Zimbabwe – United Kingdom – Malta
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