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Crossings * | Literary call

Transcribing memories of fleeing and displacement


Borders are symbols of imposition over space and time; and everything lying in between. In a sense, they determine what is possible, what can be desired, and thus shape individuals and communities. The drawing and consolidation of borders, tangible or discursive, implies intrinsic divisions that inflict tension and conflict. It carries a scent of conservatism and authoritarianism. The denial and reframing of the idea of borders for the sake of a continuum of humanity, is a revolutionary and self-evident act aimed at exorcising all that comes with borders – otherness, anxiety, fear.

Aiming to give space to the experience of migration across borders, not only geographical, but also gendered, voluntary or imposed, we address the following literary call and invite you to ask yourselves: Who are the owners of the objects in the Outcast Europe collection? Who has lived through these stories? What are their feelings and situations, what intersections between identities have they crossed? Through writing, you become those people.

We invite you to draw inspiration from the items in the collection, to imagine their routes and to find the words to express their stories. Write about them and the people they may have belonged to through your own eyes. As a form of self-exploration, use their story to talk about yourself.

Recommended word limit: 500 words     

*We are looking for prose, poetry and everything in between.
*Each piece should be inspired by an object and based on its story (its true story, or a fictional one). 

For more information and to submit your piece, you can contact Hara Papadatou and Nikos Papakostas.

The literary pieces will be published online or in printed form, with the aim of promoting the broader purpose of Outcast Europe.

*  The literary call «Crossings» is carried out by Inter Alia as part of Outcast Europe. Outcast Europe is a digital exhibition of personal items offered by residents of European countries. The objects carry personal stories of their owners and make up a collection that, crossing historical periods and country borders, echoes the experience of migration and displacement as a personal experience and as part of the collective consciousness of Europeans. Outcast Europe activities are self-financed by Inter Alia.

The name of the organisation, «Inter Alia», means «among others» in Latin. Based on a philosophy of collaboration and reciprocity, «Inter Alia» works towards promoting political education, social transformation and collective action. It expresses the intention to stand willingly and enthusiastically among others, to co-create, to give space, to support common progress and to promote collective intelligence.

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