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Small objects narrate big stories

You are the curator of the digital collection Outcast Europe, and you have the opportunity to organise an exhibition in the context of the International Day of Migration. The available space is limited, so you have to choose only 5 objects to narrate a/the story of migration.

Small objects, big decisions

You decide to migrate to another country, and you have to travel with very few of your objects to remember your home and your place of origin.

Quick decisions for the necessary

You have to abandon your home and your country very quickly for political reasons. Otherwise, you and your family are in danger.


Your co-student is leaving. He will travel to another European country quite soon, to -finally- reunite with his family after so many years. You want to give him an object as a present to remember you.

In the classroom

Outcast Europe Learning Scenario Template

Use this template to create your own learning scenario, reusing material from the digital collection Outcast Europe.

Contact us to send us the learning scenario you created. We will upload it here, so that it can be reused freely by other teachers in their own classroom.

In non-formal education

Objects telling the stories of “Others”

Non-formal educational activity, gradually unfolding the stories of the objects of the digital collection Outcast Europe with the use of silent / written conversation.

Share your Story

If you have an object that carries a personal or familial story related to migration or enforced movement…
If you want your experiences to be heard, communicated, acknowledged, valued…
If you want to contribute to the creation of a collective narrative…
…we invite you to share your story with us.

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