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Objects speak, tell stories, the stories of humankind. Thematic Exhibitions We have the opportunity to listen.


The people who are forced to flee, abandon their lives and belongings, take risks and manage to reach a safe place. However, in this journey, they don’t leave everything behind. Quite often, people manage to take the necessary, important, sacred, personal or familial objects with them. Sometimes, these objects are useful, i.e. tools with the use of which they succeed to save their lives. At other times, they are something more than that. In any case, these objects are agents of histories, cultural values, memories and experiences.

Objects are a source of power for those who carry them along their way. Since the beginnings of civilisation, objects protect people, since they incorporate the ancestors’ power and wisdom, as well as the wishes and the dreams of the community. The Outcast Europe website collects and exhibits such “magical” objects, which, among other things, speak to us and tell us stories — the stories of humankind. We have the opportunity to listen to them and learn for our common present and future.

Memories of Displacement and Movement

The Outcast Europe website collects and exhibits stories of migrants and refugees through the objects that they managed to get with them before or during fleeing.

The objects narrate these stories, and we have the opportunity to listen to them and learn.


Thematic Exhibitions

Educational Material

Share your Story

If you have an object that carries a personal or familial story related to migration or enforced movement…
If you want your experiences to be heard, communicated, acknowledged, valued…
If you want to contribute to the creation of a collective narrative…
…we invite you to share your story with us.

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