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These objects come to claim the moments of togetherness we have left. The neighbourhoods and spaces that can fit all worlds. Telling us that we are not the only ones to suffer, that all cultures mix, convincing us we can only be free when everyone is free. As long as we remember the seas that we have all crossed and the walls that we have climbed (and we still do), our spaces will be safe; at least in our mind and heart.

This thematic exhibition is an intersection where harsh and powerful memories meet daily routines and realities. You will find stories of people who arrived in Palermo from different corners of the globe and they are trying to make ends meet, to resist, to dream, to work, to think what to have for lunch, to belong, to fight for their rights. Maybe one of them brings back memories from your own journey or the one of your family. After all, we all arrived from somewhere, didn’t we?
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