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Outcast Europe

Pink dress

“This handmade child’s dress was donated to the museum of Asia Minor Culture of Egaleo by Mrs Maria Sofianou who has been the president of the Pergamos Association. In a journey to Pergamos by the end of the 2000s, together with a team of descendants of the Pergamos refugees, they were walking around the city. They stood in front of a house and started talking. The owner heard them and asked them if they were Greek. When they responded affirmatively, he asked them to wait and reentered the house. He returned with this pink dress he found in the attic of the house when he bought it decades earlier. Take it, he said, it belongs to you”. Dina Kalliotzi

Donated by Maria Sofianou to the Museum of Asia Minor Culture of Egaleo and lended to Outcast Europe.

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